Research Studies

At Women’s Clinic of Lincoln, our comprehensive approach to women’s health care includes conducting clinical research. Clinical research is patient oriented research; a study designed to test the safety and effectiveness of a new drug, device, or procedure. The purpose of clinical research is to develop new drugs and devices to treat disease and keep people healthy. A very specific plan, called a protocol is formulated and must be carried out following rigid standards that are required for a trial. The protocol varies by the study. Patients must meet certain criteria in terms of their medical history and current medications. Patients usually have a physical exam, lab work, and receive study medication at no cost to them. Patients then report for periodic checkups and surveys at regular intervals. The FDA and independent review boards carefully monitor all aspects of a clinical study to ensure patient safety.

Center Overview

Women’s Clinic of Lincoln, P.C. is a private practice clinic that specializes in obstetrics and gynecology. With over 30,000 active patients, we have been in practice since 1973 and conducting Phase II, III, and IV studies since 1994. We strive to successfully meet the ever changing health needs of women. Our integrated system of care is designed to promote optimal physical, emotional, and spiritual health for women throughout their life span. We view our relationship with our patients and our sponsors as a special partnership. Our patients will always be our first priority as we strive to achieve excellence in women’s health care and clinical research. We also collaborate with Family Health & Wellness Center, P.C.  Our ability to combine research with a well established private practice results in rapid recruitment, quality data since all components of the study are done under one roof, and a professional working relationship for both patients and sponsors. Our mission is to help sponsors meet their goals with the highest standards in efficiency and reliable data while upholding medical and ethical guidelines.

Patient Demographics

Lincoln, Nebraska is a city of over 277,000. Lincoln is the capital and the home of the University of Nebraska plus two private colleges and a community college. We regularly recruit from Lincoln and surrounding southeast Nebraska counties, allowing us access to a large patient population. We typically recruit our patients from our database, advertising, direct mailing, networking with the community though health fairs and seminars, and our quarterly newsletter.