Research FAQ

Why is clinical research so important?
The FDA requires that prescription and over-the-counter drugs be tested for safety and effectiveness before being marketed. Women’s Clinic of Lincoln conducts these studies to show the manufacturer how the product works along with possible side effects. This ensures that the products we all use meet established quality standards and that the public’s safety is protected.
Why Participate?
Patients participate in clinical research for a variety for reasons. Patients have the opportunity to gain access to new tests and treatments before they are widely available and help others by contributing to medical research. Patients are able to receive excellent medical care and education while being in a study. No matter what the reason, participating in a study can be very rewarding.
How do I participate?
For most studies you need to be generally healthy and in good medical condition. However, some studies involve patients that have specific health conditions such as hypertension, overactive bladder, high cholesterol, or hot flashes. To find out more you can call us at 402-441-0025 or toll free at 1-888-434-3370 and we will discuss which studies are right for you and your schedule.