Menopause is a natural phase of life resulting in body changes that may lead to symptoms and certain long term health problems when a woman stops having menstrual periods. The average age that a woman goes through menopause is 51 years. Typical symptoms of menopause can be stopped periods, hot flashes, night sweats, painful intercourse, vaginal dryness and many more. Women’s Clinic of Lincoln and Dr. Stephen Swanson offer menopausal services to help address your health concerns in a very comprehensive fashion to improve these special years of your life. Our services for menopausal evaluation and treatment have been developed to address menopausal concerns.

These services address:

  1. Evaluation of physical status in early menopause
  2. Looking carefully at the pros and cons for hormonal replacement
  3. Monitoring bone health to prevent osteoporosis
  4. Evaluation of cardiovascular risk as heart disease is the number one killer of women in this age group
  5. Looking at dietary changes and weight changes and how to manage those
  6. Screening for breast cancer with up-to-date 3D mammography
  7. Evaluating genetic risks for disease processes, such as cancer, through a genetic evaluation of cancer genes
  8. Dealing with the mental and physical components of aging

To accomplish this on a personal basis, our program evaluates your present medical status and needs and then offers a plan for addressing these issues in an efficient and comfortable way through planning and education. One of the most important goals is to address your questions regarding how to deal with this time of life in a healthy way. We are pleased to work with you and your medical care personnel to assist you in answering questions and planning for your next 35 to 40 years of life.